Workshop the Second

Build it up -

This time in real!


We finish the Open Windpump!

The Workshop will take place during 24.07.2016 - 30.07-2017 



Lebenshilfe Seelze e.V.

Vor den Specken 3B

30926 Seelze


Around 2 weeks later the Open Windpump will be free -

Together with the organisaztion BeLu the the Windpump will be set up in Lorup.


If you want to participate or if you want to support

with your help during the workshop you are heartly welcome to

contact us:



The Idea

The aim and idea of the project Open Windpump Technology is to publish and to spread an open access manuel to build your own low-tech Windpump.  

Westernmills are relatively old, as the technique is used since 1850. It is a reliable structure to provide water using renewable wind energy. However, until today there is no easy, understandable and open instruction to independently build and maintain your windpump.


On this homepage we provide free downloads for:

  • An easy understandable instruction manual (for people with general craftsmanship)

  • A complete material list

  • Technical as well as CAD - drawings

  • Pictures and short videos to support the building process

  • The possibility to spead this idea to your friends and around the world


The concept has been developed together with an interdisciplinary group of interested people and by technical advice from Prof. Crome, who is an expert for low-tech windenergy. Our objectives were to create a windmill which long lasting, easy to maintain, not too large but still provide enough water for the use in small agriculture, livestock supply with water or even ensure the supply for drinking water.

Get informed. Get equipped. Get started! - Spread the idea to the world!

Areas of Application

Drinking Water

Unfortunatelly free access to clean drinking water in many areas of the world is a privilege, that most of the people don´t have. Very often the easy to reach groundwater only a few meters down is dirty and filled with parasites. To get to better and clean water, people need to drill a deeper well and have to find a possibility to get the water up.

This is just one option you could use the wind pump for. Also it is possible to pump the water from a reservoir to a higher level, wherever you need it.

Urban Living

Support your easy new way of community life, with your good old windpump vibes.


In many areas of our planet people are growing there own food. They care for vegetables, fruit or even grow there own medicine to cure their families. Some of them also farm animals to provide food for the community. Plants and live stock need al lot of fresh and clean water to grow. Especially in landscapes with hard to reach or mountainous parts, it is often a hard challenge to get the water, where it is needed.

With the wind pump you can easily overcome hight differences of several ten meters. This gives the opportunity to use good feeding grounds or vital soil without fresh water access for animals or plants, which could help a community a lot to feed all their members better and more healthy.

Get Started!


The windpump can be an independent water support for you and your community. First of all you have to decide for which purpose you want to use the windpump than the spot where to built the windpump is one of the most important decision you have to make. Not only it is important, where the wind is best, but also where you have easy access to water in the ground (Find some genera device in our download menu).


General Information


Material costs: 5000 Euro *German prices

Dimensions: 10 m high (bottom   / top

Structure: modular (max 6 m length)

Lifetime: > 20 years

Start-up speed: light wind

Pump capacity: 1 l / sec 

Pump highth: 10 m

Number of panels: 12

Control: steer- and side mounting

Incident flow: LUV

Panel profile form: arched panel 1:10